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Welcome to our Attendance Website, where we recognize that each day of learning is a step toward a brighter  future. At our school, we understand that consistent attendance is not just a routine, but a crucial foundation for academic achievement and personal growth. Whether in the classroom or in life, showing up consistently shapes our success.

This website is dedicated to highlighting the significant role that attendance plays in school performance today and opportunities tomorrow. Fostering a habit of regular attendance, not only maximizes learning potential but also builds a strong foundation for the future. Explore the information and resources we've gathered here to discover the power of being present, engaged, and ready to seize every opportunity that comes your way. Your journey toward excellence starts with showing up.


Call In Your Child's Absences:

Phone:  405-256-6989

 *Homework may be requested after a student has been absent for at least 3 consecutive days.

MPS Attendance Policy

First page of the PDF file: MPSAttendanceInfoGraphic
Second page of the PDF file: MPSAttendanceInfoGraphic


Please be sure to call in your child's absences to the school office as soon as possible.